Jared loves music. When he’s not cruising the streets with VIP City Tours, you’ll find him tearing up the stage with his trumpet. Ride with Jared and you’re bound to learn a lot about the rich musical history of New Orleans. A Treme native, Jared was born with Jazz embedded in his soul.

Aaron is the super fan. When it comes to New Orleans sports, you won’t find a bigger supporter of the Saints, LSU, The Pelicans and even the Voodoo. Aaron’s a sports Rolodex that’s always adding new stats to his brain about the sports history of New Orleans. Ask him about the Saints winning the Superbowl and prepare to get your ear talked off.

Looking for something to eat? Dino is our resident chef and comedian. He claims he can cook anything. A descendant of Swamp People, Dino knows how to cook alligators, turtles, even raccoon. We’re still waiting for someone to challenge him to an Iron Chef cooking duel. Being an ardent food lover, Dino is happy to tell you where to get dinner after the tour.

Benson is a student at the University of New Orleans and is majoring in Business Marketing. He’s also an enlisted Marine, and he drives for us. Benson is the VIP City Tours man of mystery.

Henry is the VIP City Tours Living Legend. Henry has been with the company for the last ten years and is VIP City Tour’s busiest driver. Henry knows every inch of New Orleans. His tours are fun, and he always makes sure every rider leaves with a smile on their face.

When Henry isn’t behind the wheel of his bus, you can usually find him hanging out with his two kids or pretending he’s the next Wall St. tycoon as he’s an avid “dabbler” in the stock market.